Hello Friend,

I want to show you another fight of mine back in 2009.
Wow almost 10 years.
Your professor is getting old!!!
After that fight many things changed to me, Including being able to meet an Incredible
attorney in the audience that eventually helped me to get my green card and years later my citizenship.
That day I remember that I was super nervous, too much trash talk on the other guy’s end.
I hate this because it is not the Martial art Philosophy that I learned.
He was Knocking people out in that tournament and even said that would knock my head off because he was bigger than me.
It was M-1/affliction they did countries against countries (I was fighting for USA/East) five fighter for each team and at the end the team with more victories advances.
That man was from Finland Team and yes he had heavy hands…lol
We advanced to the finals in that season but we lost to Russia.
Good times that now are just memories that I really recommend any student of mine to have. Yes go compete, fight your nerves, know yourself, evolve.
Watch here the fight:
I hope you like it and next time it will be a fight of mine that I have lost.
Best Regards
Prof. Renato
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