Cap Worth Austria – BJJ Intensive Camp

Guys we are having an Amazing Camp here in Austria, Three classes going on at the same time, very friendly people, great optional sparring sessions. For the first time, women only classes! Amazing Culture where people come mainly to train, learn and respect Jiu Jitsu and not solely come to partying.


As I promise here are the videos of the techniques I taught in my classes so you do not forget.

I also shoot some other techniques that we did not have time to practice. Enjoy.

Hit me up at any time if you need help growing your school, etc. Actually not only me but all the coaches here.

Tomorrow I will send more.


Back Takes

Chokes From Side Control
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Why Training In BJJ Is Important & How Will It Pay Back

Why Training In BJJ Is Important & How Will It Pay Back

Never Pay  For Jiu-Jitsu Again!

This might sound incredible but this is true.

The other day we attended a seminar, where a gentleman, very well said that “ A Very Good Year Can Wash Off All The Bad Years” and we too believe that.

Many of us want to learn Jiu-Jitsu, but finding it difficult to pay for its tuition, but why?

There are numerous reasons why we want to begin training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Some find the history of BJJ very interesting and some want to learn BJJ:

For Self Defense:

BJJ has been established to be one of the most successful hands to hand fighting on the planet. It’s a violent solution to defend yourself in a problem with no other answer. So many want to learn it for self-defense purposes.

For Fitness:

Some want to be fit, be in better health & want to be stronger. As BJJ is an engaging, fun & a captivating full body exercise that is why they want to learn it for fitness. It’s warm up, drills & the fighting will literally leave you creeping off the mats at the end of class.  It resembles CrossFit yet with Chokes. Some want to get into shape while learning this life-saving skill.

Learning Something New

Yes, learning something new is scary, but some like martial arts & want to learn something new in it. Learning & training BJJ can keep your brain quick, sharp & young and also helps in building confidence in you.


BJJ allows you to do extremely well in an athletic endeavor. That is why some want to accelerate their Jiu Jitsu so that they can take part in highest level competitions. By competing in BJJ they want to empower themselves so that they can control their life.


Some want to paint their career throughout the martial arts. They want to paint their career as a stunt in the movies, and that is why they are learning different martial arts so that they can provide better services when they are performing.

Jiu Jitsu is not only a sport, it’s a way of life. While not everybody devotes their life to BJJ, for some this is really what makes them pleased. There are ways that you can turn your passion into your career to make a living and support yourself

The Teaching Route:

You can start teaching martial art, BJJ, fitness, and kickboxing classes, giving seminars and private lessons to a sustainable career in BJJ.

Start your own academy

This is one of the most rewarding ways of making a living with BJJ. For this, as an instructor, you require upholding the BJJ values that you have learned all through your experience to give your students the best promising BJJ learning.

Become an instructor

This is the most challenging way to a sustainable career in BJJ. Because it is very difficult to be an acceptable teacher to earn & hold students in the long run.

There are numerous others way like you can turn yourself into the stunt, referee, competition organizer, you could work on the organization, you could be those guys behind the desk for changing the score, you could be those guys who actually put the mats down, start up the match, you could be anything.

These all are the byproduct for the battle minimal for you to make some money when you learn Jiu-Jitsu. This is actually the decision that you can make for living out of there. And not necessarily to let you go the first go they were together.

You need to put some time and effort to learn the battle minimal requirements to make a living and support yourself

This all can pride BJJ when you learn it.

So whenever you say Jiu-Jitsu is expensive, don’t have enough money, find it little too hard or too complicated paying for its tuition these all implies that you are making enough efforts to pay for it. Now you can find many- many ways to get the money to pay for your tuitions.

To achieve your goal you have to work a little hard which is the true sense of the martial arts.

So, it’s better for you to expose yourself as a person of hard work and not feeling that martial art is cheaper for you so that you can purchase it.That the sense of life that we want for our students.

So whenever you start receiving money from Jiu-Jitsu, it is the actual money that you invested in Jiu-Jitsu. It will come back to you if you start teaching or working related to Jiu-Jitsu. BJJ will repay for your time & effort spent someday.

So think about it, think about your children and go for it.

Fund Raising to Sponsor Richar Nogueria

Fund Raising to Sponsor Richar Nogueira


As you all know, Sampa BJJ Academy had sponsored Mr. Richar Nogueria to compete at Pan American Jiu-Jitsu tournament of 2017. And at Sampa BJJ, we had given him training for this tournament and paid for all of his expenses. But unfortunately, he lost at the tournament and didn’t get the result that he wanted. His defeat does not diminish the way our Sampa BJJ students think about him and the way the people look up to him for his hard work and the way he trains.

At Sampa, he was not only training over here but was also helping us out in our classes and camps. He is a very nice and humble guy with a great attitude. Richar was really a great addition to our Sampa BJJ school. He had given our Sampa students an additional edge on competition oriented Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sport.  He taught many of his great techniques to our students.

And we are hoping that Mr. Richar will be a great, full time, addition to the Sampa BJJ Academy in the future.

Mr. Richar is back in Brazil and now training for the Brazilian Nationals, which should be at the end of this month. And we are trying to get Mr. Richar back here to Sampa in the middle or end of may. So that our students can train with him. We want to sponsor him back again in upcoming competitions. But this time we don’t have too many funds available to sponsor him and thus need the help of our Sampa student to raise the fund for his sponsorship.

To raise fund for his sponsorship, we are doing some seminars. In these seminars, we will be having him teach a class so that students can donate something.  We want him to stay here for a longer time at least three months so that our BJJ students can benefit from his hard work ethics and not only that learn his competition oriented techniques.

We are also launching a GoFundme campaign to raise funds to sponsor him to get back here.  It is very simple anyone can go online and donate something. We are making every effort to bring him back to our Sampa BJJ Academy. We are hoping that people will help us in raising funds for him to bring him back.

Richar is coming back anyways and even if we do not reach the amount of money to get him here, Sampa BJJ will cover the remaining.

If you are interested in donating please call 626-335-4971 so we can send you the link online to donate.

Flavio Canto in Ribeirao Preto

Flavio Canto in Ribeirao Preto

We have a great news about our representatives of Sampa Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil being at Flavio Canto’s workshop in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil. Our teachers got a chance to meet this great judo player as well an amazing BJJ knowledge. Flavio Canto is a Brazilian male Judoka and BJJ black belt.

Flavio Canto is a Brazilian male Judoka and BJJ black belt. In 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, he won the bronze medal. He has also won 3 medals at the Pan American Games. Flavio was one of the world class ground game fighters in the judo community.

Also, Flavio Canto is perhaps one of the fascinating Judo athletes to look at. He’s also known for employing BJJ submissions and techniques into Judo. He is not only a great personality but a humble person who has helped many poor people in Brazil. He teaches them how to become better, get out of the crime and give these underprivileged kids an opportunity to live trough the “Instituto Reacao”.

Flavio Canto is the one who has started a social project which is called Instituto Reação in the ghettos of Rio de Janeiro. It is an amazing project that is transforming poor and neglected kids into judo black belts through games and training. In this Instituto Reação, Flavio Canto focuses on humility, discipline, determination and courage through judo.

Rafaela Silva, Brazilian judoka from Instituto Reacao became Olympic champion last year 2016 in Rio 2016 Olympics. He is not only a great Judoka, but he is also one of the best Jiu-Jitsu guys around. He went into Ribeirao Preto where all our Sampa instructors went to learn and get the opportunity to be side-wise-side on the mat with this living legend. There he talked about his social projects and hosted a clinic of BJJ and Judo.

We were very happy to see from United States Bleacher our Sampa Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu representatives. It was not only about judo, but Jiu-Jitsu and martial arts as well.

Call us at 626-335-4971. We serve the communities of Glendora, Azusa, Covina, La Verne, and San Dimas, California.

Pali Retreat – BJJ Intensive Camp

Pali Retreat – BJJ Intensive Camp

Our first BJJ Intensive Camp in the USA was held in Lake Arrowhead from March 31st to April 2nd and it was a great hit. With a Brown Belt & 3 black belts teaching, Prof. Renato Migliaccio, Prof. Martin Guggi, Prof. Nathan Basseto & Coach Richar. Most attendees participated in this camp where from Sampa BJJ Academy & we also have one student from Temecula.

This BJJ intensive camp was great & we have learned a lot in this camp. We had our accommodation at in the San Bernardino Mountains. They offer us with lots of perks in the facility.

Our team members stayed in Pali retreat cabins which were shared with 3 other camp buddies. The cabins were a perfect escape from the city life. There was an option for the people that don’t want to share rooms with other men or women to be in private rooms. Besides all these facilities their food was great, they have offered us all types of food including vegetarian & vegan. Everyone there was really happy with what they were offering.

On  Friday (31st March), we reached there & after dinner, we started our training on that same night with some Ginastica Natural, which is an amazing Brazilian method of movement for training BJJ without a partner to work on strength & coordination. For this, we had our Prof. Martin Guggi with us, he taught his high-level Ginastica Natural techniques to the students. Martin has a master’s  degree in physical education & he is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Prof. Renato Migliaccio, Prof. Martin is teaching greatly & motivating the students in Austria. He is also first high level certified Ginastica Natural Instructor in Austria.

After the Ginastica Natural, we opened a session for some Question/Answer, so people could give an idea of what they want to learn at this camp. Then we answered their questions. And after Question/Answer session we got with some guidelines on what to teach in the following days of the camp.

After that, we did a little sparring session & ended up Friday night training session with that. Then we got back to living room, the room was really very nice with fireplace we hang out there & talk a little bit about the upcoming sessions for a while.

And on Saturday morning, we woke up early, had an amazing breakfast, a little break & get straight to our first session of Ginastica Natural warm-up in the morning. Then we had some Judo, Wrestling & BJJ training. After that, our Coach Richar taught some sweeps & the fundamentals of the Lasso Guard techniques. Then we ended up the session with some Lasso guard resistance training. We got an excellent overview of possible choices in this open Lasso guard variation.

Then we took a break to have lunch & have some rest. And at night, we grouped back before dinner for another session. Where we had another Ginastica Natural warms up & take down session taught by prof. Renato Migliaccio

After these sessions, Prof Martin showed some of his favorite techniques & students got an opportunity to learn from him. We then ended the class with some Question/Answer session followed by some sparring session, which was a little longer this time.

Then after the tough training session, we went out to the Lake Arrowhead village, the city on the lake to have some time together but outside of the mat. It was amazing to have some social activities & to know each other more. We sat together there at a pizza parlor, had a cup of coffee some had some beers and talk about BJJ & other things. Then we went back to our place because the next day we had a longer training session.

On Sunday morning, we again woke up early & had breakfast. And after that, we started our classes with another training session of Ginastica Natural. Then we started with the last takedown session followed up with an MMA sequence and a catch wrestling sequence. After that, we open another Q/A session. The funny part about this Q/A unit was that students & people over there comes up with lots & lots of questions that we have answered one by one.  Then our training session came to an end & we finish this training session with the Berimbolo (a BJJ technique)

We then quickly roll the mats, packed them up & were all set to get back home. The students really had a blast in this intensive camp. We are very thankful & happy for the facilities that Pali Retreat has offered us. This time in our camp, we have two vegan athletes with us. They too have got everything for their special needs. They had a blast they said the food was really amazing.

It was really an outstanding camp with great coaches, great atmosphere & a matchless price. We are now looking forward to hosting an another camp in California soon.

Please call us at 626-335-4791.

Halloween Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp

Halloween Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp


Halloween Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp in Klagenfurt, Austria is organized by Prof. Renato Migliaccio and Prof. Martin. This event is a three (3) days intensive training. Our training’s location for the camp is only 10 minutes walking distance to the center of Klagenfurt.

All people who participated in this event is having a great time. There are over fifteen (15) black belts that are teaching the class for this BJJ camp. The coaches are alternating teaching the best on what they know regarding the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The main coaches for this event are Prof. Renato and Prof. Martin. Everyone is having a blast in this one of a kind Brazilian Jiu Jitsu camp.

Prof. Renato invited many of his friends and students also to come and participate in the event. They also had the chance to teach the things they know about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so event turned into a multi- instructor’s camp. And also, there are over 70 people on the mat and yesterday was eight (8) hours of training. We are looking forward to having another event like this in Big Bear specifically with Sampa students.


Why do You Pay for Jiu Jitsu?

My Judo Sensei from Brazil sent this to me. This is going viral there and I took a liberty to translate and share with you.  It is a story about two friends talking about spending money in Judo but again since I am involved with both I took the liberty to change the wording to BJJ.

One of My friends asked me: “how do you spend so much money in Jiu Jitsu Classes,
tournaments and not only that, you spend a lot of your time driving your son around?

I have to confess; I do not pay for my son’s Jiu Jitsu Classes.
So if I don’t pay for it what am I paying then?

I pay for those moments when my boy is so tired and thinking of giving up, but he doesn’t give up…
I pay for the opportunity my son has to make and maintain lifelong friendship.
I pay for the opportunity to face amazing instructors that will not only teach him how to punch,
kick, strangle or take someone down or the physiology behind an exercise, But instead they will teach that this martial art can translate/transcend to life.
I pay for it also so My child can learn how to be more disciplined.
I pay for it so My son learn how to take care of his body and health.
I pay for it so my son can learn how to work with others, how to share, to be gentile, to be respectful and a proud member of his Jiu Jitsu Team/Family.
I pay so my child can learn how to deal with failure, when he does not win or can’t take down an opponent or when he falls trying a movement/technique although he had already practiced that 1000 times but even though, he gets up and try it better next time.
I pay so he can learn how to set and achieve goals.
I pay for my son to learn that it takes hard work and time (years) to succeed in something or to become a champion so he does not think this happens overnight.
I Pay for my son to be on the mat instead of home playing video game or watching TV.

I could go on and on But:

To wrap it up, I don’t pay for his training, I pay for the opportunities Jiu Jitsu
can offer to my child develop all the tools that will help him face life adversities, Tools that will give him also the opportunity to help and respect others and their believes.

This is what have seen for years and years so I think it is a great investment, and legacy to my children and  to the society.

Martial arts,  Judo – Jiu Jitsu Covers many things that you are not aware of!

Translated By Prof. Renato Migliaccio

BJJ Seminar at Hans Hutton academy in Munich Germany

Hans Hutton- Learn the Jiu Jitsu Art of fighting

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has rapidly increased in the last few years, since UFC started hosting shows outside the USA, overall in Europe. A lot of youngsters have fallen in love with this incredible martial art. One can call it a combat sport or a self-defense mechanism and its basic technique is to grapple the opponent on a ground fight. Hans Is one of the pioneers nonBrazilian to teach  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Germany

The Martial Art form of Jiu Jitsu

Most of us have seen fighters or wrestlers who are tall, muscular and are known for their powerful mean punches. In such fights, what happens to the fighters who are small and aren’t that powerful. Well, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or the BJJ is an art form where a smaller fighter can tackle a much stronger assailant by using techniques that take the fight to the ground and are then fought by using joint-locks and chokeholds to defeat the stronger opponent. Today, it is not only a martial art form but it is also considered as a competitive professional sport that promotes physical endurance, fitness and character building in young people.

Martial Arts and Hans Hutton

Hans Hutton who started his career in jiu-jitsu in the early 2000’s when he met Prof. Renato Migliaccio at one of Renato’s tours to Europe since them they continue the friendship and the BJJ relationship, prof. Renato has been twice to Mr. Hutton Academy in 2015 and it has been a pleasure for both to share knowledge and BJJ stories together.

Learn from the master

The Hutton Academy is the first one to open a center in Munich for the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Under the expert guidance of Hans Hutton, the academy has state of the art facilities, professional coaches and provides any BJJ lover the right space and ideal conditions for learning. The Master mentor is now himself a black belt in BJJ under Grand Master Mansor and also in Luta livre under Daniel Dane. If you aspire to be a coach in this martial art form the Hutton academy provides certified training for BJJ. They train you to become a professional teacher and coach in 10 sessions and upon completion of this rigorous program, the pupil is awarded an official wing diploma.

Walk into the Hans Hutton academy and you will find a lot of students say what this art form has done to them. Many have improved their flexibility and strength. Some have seen physical changes in their body whereas some have seen overall health benefits. It is indeed a lifestyle change and the lessons they have learned is very critical in everyday life as well.


City Thong – Flowing Arts Jiu Jitsu

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at City Thong, Vienna

Our fourth stop in Europe and third in Austria was at an amazing kickboxing gym called city thong, a great gym with great atmosphere and culture that teaches kickboxing to competitors and non competitors in Vienna, and now offering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.

Sampa graduated instructors Martin Guggi and Mario are there now responsible to teach safe and legit Brazilian jiu jitsu to competitors and regular people, and make sure sampa style of teaching is being honored.

Prof. Renato taught a great 3 hours seminar for over 40 Brazilian jiu jitsu students and attendees. It was a bless. Students learned takedowns, guard passes, submissions and transitions.

The Brazilian Martial Art form of Jiu Jitsu or BJJ has taken the world by storm especially the European countries where youngsters are getting trained to compete at the highest level. This martial art form requires extreme dedication and intensive training to evolve from a beginner belt to a Master practitioner. There are many young people who want to train but do not know the right school or the right approach to this art form. That is why The City thong sports clubs in Vienna, Austria focuses primarily on making this martial art form accessible and known to the public.

Training at City Thong

A student of Martial arts especially the BJJ requires flexibility, agility and muscle power to grapple the opponent. The Training provided at the City Thong club has experienced teachers who have coaching and practical experience for many years. There are trainers who have been personally trained by Prof. Renato Migliaccio from Sampa like Martin Guggi and Mario who brought the Sampa Brazilian Jiu jitsu style and culture  to Austria. If a student’s goal is to gain success in this martial art form then City thong is the place to be. You can also join the club if you aren’t looking to compete seriously but want to learn the art form to keep yourself fit and healthy. The club has flexible training methods for students of all age groups.

Facilities at City thong

The City Thong sports club is equipped with an area which is suitable for training in Martial arts. The well laid out area equipped with weight machines makes it ideal for any student who wants to give a serious shot at this art form. A martial arts student needs to have an all round personality and the club with all its trainers and the equipment helps you to achieve that. A lot of professional athletes started their careers at City thong and some of the best Austrian MMA fighters were coached there. This has led to a lot of youngsters taking this sport seriously and achieving professional success.

Students of the club                               

There are students who train twice a week for learning the sport and there are some who train all week for overall development. The BJJ is also considered as a great stress reliever and helps elevate one’s mood. City thong focuses on offering its students quality sessions rather than quantity. The BJJ is a ground fighting sport and hence students are taught fixing and grappling techniques as well as throws. City thong enhances a students learning and is committed to his progress. Students feel that their entire journey in the club is smooth and fun as instructors adhere to the teaching style, have a clear understanding of the sport and use their creativity to leverage a student’s learning curve.

The Jiu Jitsu is often compared to chess and is called the game of human chess. It is truly an interesting way to improve one’s fitness, as you are not alone in the journey. Whether you want to lose calories or learn defense techniques its truly a win win sport and helps you evolve into a complete fitness enthusiast.


Email Sampa BJJ for seminars in Europe: or call +1-626-335-4971

Jiu Jitsu in Belgium and a Long-time Friend

BJJ Seminar Tour:

Sixth stop over at Belgium’s BJJ Yaware and Academy of MMA

The next halt in our Europe tour was Belgium, a country famous for its medieval towns. Located in the Flemish region of Belgium, is a small municipality of Brakel. This is where my friend, also a student of mine, resides.

Let’s acquaint ourselves with Evert Deweer and the Yaware Academy

Evert Deweer has played a prominent role in developing the martial arts streak in this part of Belgium. Evert is the Head Instructor at the BJJ Yaware and Academy of MMA. An IBJJF certified black belt, Evert is also appointed as a qualified martial arts instructor at the Flemish Trainer School.

Evert along with his team members has set up this flourishing academy. With the experience of over 20 years, they offer martial arts training  and now around ten years offering BJJ to men and women of all ages. Evert emphasizes the need for a safe and educationally sound learning.

Evert and the Yaware Academy have gone ahead and organized many international tournaments. Belgium National Pro Jiu Jitsu championship held in Abu Dhabi being one of them. This championship is a part of the UAE JIU-JITSU FEDERATION.

At Evert’s institute we produced some amazing BJJ instructors. This included two young and dynamic men, Miguel Vallee and Wesley Muddy. Both of them accomplished black belt holders. They are also official BJJ trainers and referees.

The Techniques we worked on at Evert’s place

Half Guard Bottom Control,  Half Guard sweeps, Half guard reversals, Back Takes from Half Guard  and a few submissions from half guard bottom, all techniques mastered by Prof.  Roberto Gordo Correa and later passed on to Prof. Renato Migliaccio that eventually brought it to Belgium. A very cool lineage.

Together we polish these techniques and gave a finishing touch to the moves of these trainers.

As the session came to an end, we held black belt examination for one of the trainers. In this assessment, an old time student by the name Marc Vanslembrouck was a Black Belt receiver. An enthusiastic supporter of the school, Marc is also a top coach of BJJ for youth in the institute.

We had a great time imparting our knowledge to this vibrant group of men and women. To watch these students take the art of Jiu Jitsu on a world platform gives us an immense satisfaction. We leave Belgium with a resolve to come back soon and build more bonds through the art of Jiu Jitsu and the Sampa BJJ style of teaching.

If you like to participate in our classes and be part of our association, please call 626-419-2480.