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My name is Renato Migliaccio, teacher, instructor, professor, and coach of Sampa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am here to talk a little bit about when people look for, I would say not only for other school but when they look and seek better opportunities or when they look to get better themselves. And this is a very thin line to understand, for example, I myself came from Brazil to compete here and decided to live here. I didn’t have much information back then; today I have a lot more information. And I think if I go back to Brazil now I can make a living with the stuff that I’ve learned business wise. The problem is that I just like here and I just think it safer and a better country to have a family. But I still love there and understand that I don’t want to get into politics but I understand that they’re having too many problems in crime and everything which is said what’s currently happening in Brazil. But just go into another year, it is important to understand that when you have to go out, let’s say I want to train at so and so Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school because they have a bunch of champions. Well, this is a great step to take, I truly believe this when you surround yourself with champions you’re bound to be one, but does not necessary mean that you will be one because you need to pay the same price as they are paying. So don’t think that because you going to be with them you will become a champion, you got to put a lot of work. So I need this understanding for all my students like Jiu Jitsu, or anything else. You have to put an action what you’ve learned, and if you’re not putting an action on what you’ve learned don’t try to look into other places because its gonna be the same thing. And the only thing you do is burn bridges and actually at the end get much stuff. So take a look at what Mc Gregor said, Mc Gregor in this video that I’m gonna put is I’m not a friendly guy I don’t know who is he talking about. I just got his video out of context and then I’m just putting there what he said and this part is very important and like I’ve said in myself I felt in that too, the situation. And that’s important not that I left my teammates never did but I left my country, I have to start everything from the beginning and this is the setback that pushes you and appoints you to step further. One thing is when you’re going out to seek information, you’re going to study abroad because what they have outside they don’t have in your country that was a little bit my case. If you need to learn Jiu Jitsu in some town and let’s say you’re already a black belt, and you wanna change teams just because you think if you go to that team you gonna become a world champ but I think that’s wrong. Because what you need to do is get a training partner and train 3-4 times a day and put up a work and you will win the tournament. Not only that after putting a lot of work you still gonna have to end in a tournament and not get scared like what some people do psychologically. We have guys that face each other, one guy is always better than the other, you see people when they always lose in the finals even the world championship so many times because somehow he loses the fight he believes that he’s gonna loose. Not only that you’re gonna put a lot of work there are the lot of things that they work, so before burn bridges, quit schools, take a look at this video and understand where are you at so you can make a very good decision. According to the video “ A world champion mindset celebrates the surrounding, and to be with your coach since day one and with your team since day one, when you are in the state of mind that you need to move to another area because your home area is not good enough, it’s not that your home area is not good enough it’s that your mind is weak and that you do not believe in your ability.” Again, I hope you understood my point and understood what he says, again I’m not on his side or defending him or anything like that. Matter of fact sometimes I disagree with the stuff that he says and the way that he act but you know it’s his way what am I to judge or anything, but what I’m trying to say is many times when you go out to train somewhere else you make your team weak, as suppose people come to your team that would make somebody else team weak but they come to a team the training here will be better. So many time people seek and go into other places, I know it’s a big discussion on that but I believe that you can be a champion working in-house. If you already had a coach, the coach taught you and you learn Jiu Jitsu but if you live in a place with no Jiu Jitsu that would be a different story. But most of the time you don’t make it because of your own fault, not because somebody else fault. Think about it, I know this is very thin and fragile what I’ve been saying but a lot of times is true. Again, I don’t hope to make everyone satisfied of what I said, people have different ideas. Again, this is a free country and that’s not a hate speech so just putting my ideas out there.