Why do You Pay for Jiu Jitsu?

My Judo Sensei from Brazil sent this to me. This is going viral there and I took a liberty to translate and share with you.  It is a story about two friends talking about spending money in Judo but again since I am involved with both I took the liberty to change the wording to BJJ.

One of My friends asked me: “how do you spend so much money in Jiu Jitsu Classes,
tournaments and not only that, you spend a lot of your time driving your son around?

I have to confess; I do not pay for my son’s Jiu Jitsu Classes.
So if I don’t pay for it what am I paying then?

I pay for those moments when my boy is so tired and thinking of giving up, but he doesn’t give up…
I pay for the opportunity my son has to make and maintain lifelong friendship.
I pay for the opportunity to face amazing instructors that will not only teach him how to punch,
kick, strangle or take someone down or the physiology behind an exercise, But instead they will teach that this martial art can translate/transcend to life.
I pay for it also so My child can learn how to be more disciplined.
I pay for it so My son learn how to take care of his body and health.
I pay for it so my son can learn how to work with others, how to share, to be gentile, to be respectful and a proud member of his Jiu Jitsu Team/Family.
I pay so my child can learn how to deal with failure, when he does not win or can’t take down an opponent or when he falls trying a movement/technique although he had already practiced that 1000 times but even though, he gets up and try it better next time.
I pay so he can learn how to set and achieve goals.
I pay for my son to learn that it takes hard work and time (years) to succeed in something or to become a champion so he does not think this happens overnight.
I Pay for my son to be on the mat instead of home playing video game or watching TV.

I could go on and on But:

To wrap it up, I don’t pay for his training, I pay for the opportunities Jiu Jitsu
can offer to my child develop all the tools that will help him face life adversities, Tools that will give him also the opportunity to help and respect others and their believes.

This is what have seen for years and years so I think it is a great investment, and legacy to my children and  to the society.

Martial arts,  Judo – Jiu Jitsu Covers many things that you are not aware of!

Translated By Prof. Renato Migliaccio