BJJ – Judo – What comes Next?

Hi friend,

Last week I sent out an email talking about what I have been doing at my BJJ school – my students and what they are learning – that I have been for years incorporating Judo, wrestling, Muay Thai, boxing, self-defense Jiu Jitsu as well the physical conditioning.

What I am trying to accomplish is having them experience themselves in all those sports and not just assume that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the best thing and not trying anything else. I have received a lot of good responses and pretty much 90% of the responses agreed with me or disagreed just in a point or two. But overall, we are on the same page.

We are also focusing a lot of fitness conditioning, and strength. I understand many of the traditional martial arts are too focused on the techniques/katas and on Martial Arts aspect and leaving behind the fitness aspect such as agility, coordination, and confidence that comes with the strength gaining.

This weekend I had all my students working on Judo – on the requirements to achieve a given belt as per USJA. Most of my students (blue belts), I truly believe that they can be at least brown belt in judo. Judo has three levels of brown belt and I believe at least the first level they could be able to handle.

What we need to work on is the terminology or better saying the Japanese terminology. This Sunday I’ll be bringing A very special guest to teach and take a look/evaluate my students and hopefully, if I am right, some of them can be brown belts.

My goal is that all of them get at to be black belt in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when time comes and have a decent understanding of Muay Thai and boxing, wrestling.

That all being said, I want to introduce Mat D’aquino, he is a Australian Judoka an Olympian himself that have many and have very nice products at a very affordable price that cover not only techniques but grips, strategies and workout Routines.

Check them out here:

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