Fund Raising to Sponsor Richar Nogueira


As you all know, Sampa BJJ Academy had sponsored Mr. Richar Nogueria to compete at Pan American Jiu-Jitsu tournament of 2017. And at Sampa BJJ, we had given him training for this tournament and paid for all of his expenses. But unfortunately, he lost at the tournament and didn’t get the result that he wanted. His defeat does not diminish the way our Sampa BJJ students think about him and the way the people look up to him for his hard work and the way he trains.

At Sampa, he was not only training over here but was also helping us out in our classes and camps. He is a very nice and humble guy with a great attitude. Richar was really a great addition to our Sampa BJJ school. He had given our Sampa students an additional edge on competition oriented Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sport.  He taught many of his great techniques to our students.

And we are hoping that Mr. Richar will be a great, full time, addition to the Sampa BJJ Academy in the future.

Mr. Richar is back in Brazil and now training for the Brazilian Nationals, which should be at the end of this month. And we are trying to get Mr. Richar back here to Sampa in the middle or end of may. So that our students can train with him. We want to sponsor him back again in upcoming competitions. But this time we don’t have too many funds available to sponsor him and thus need the help of our Sampa student to raise the fund for his sponsorship.

To raise fund for his sponsorship, we are doing some seminars. In these seminars, we will be having him teach a class so that students can donate something.  We want him to stay here for a longer time at least three months so that our BJJ students can benefit from his hard work ethics and not only that learn his competition oriented techniques.

We are also launching a GoFundme campaign to raise funds to sponsor him to get back here.  It is very simple anyone can go online and donate something. We are making every effort to bring him back to our Sampa BJJ Academy. We are hoping that people will help us in raising funds for him to bring him back.

Richar is coming back anyways and even if we do not reach the amount of money to get him here, Sampa BJJ will cover the remaining.

If you are interested in donating please call 626-335-4971 so we can send you the link online to donate.